openafs: Improved calling of get-token script
[hcoop/debian/courier-authlib.git] / preauthuserdbcommon.c
2015-05-19 Clinton Ebadiopenafs: Improved calling of get-token script
2014-04-30 Clinton EbadiMerge branch 'debian'
2014-04-30 Stefan Hornburg... Imported Debian patch 0.66.1-1 debian/0.66.1-1
2014-04-30 Clinton EbadiImported Upstream version 0.66.1 upstream/0.66.1
2014-04-30 Clinton EbadiMerge branch 'debian'
2009-04-10 mwolson_adminMerge from debian.
2008-02-08 mwolson_adminRevert "preauthuserdbcommon.c: Move token-getting code...
2008-02-03 Michael W. Olsonpreauthuserdbcommon.c: Move token-getting code to below...
2008-02-02 mwolson_adminMove AFS vmail tokens to preauthuserdbcommon.c.
2008-01-25 mwolson_adminImported upstream version 0.59.3 upstream/0.59.3