2022-04-19 Clinton EbadiAdd 3.4.3 base config
2019-01-02 Clinton Ebadienable HashBL and FromNameSpoof plugins
2019-01-02 Clinton Ebadibase v342 config
2018-04-26 Clinton Ebadidisable global bayes path
2018-04-26 Clinton Ebadiuse local caching nameserver for rbl
2017-01-29 rootv341 updates, decruft
2015-05-22 rootv330 config
2015-05-22 rootenable bayes
2009-10-11 rootDisable razor2 explicitly
2009-10-11 rootIgnore addrs permanently
2009-10-11 rootRemove addrs
2009-10-09 rootEnable use of compiled rulesets
2009-10-05 rootFix auto-whitelist path and remove potentially obsolete...
2009-09-30 clinton_adminAdded new spamassassin config files
2009-09-30 rootInitial import of deleuze spamassassin config into git