Use google app engine.
[clinton/xbmc-groove.git] / addon.xml
2011-08-21 stephendenhamUse google app engine.
2011-08-21 stephendenhamBig update for v3 API.
2011-01-27 stephendenhamAdd optional 1.0 API for those with a session id.
2011-01-24 stephendenhamAdd search of artist's albums.
2011-01-22 stephendenhamFix covert art directory creation. Again.
2011-01-22 stephendenhamFix directory creation bug.
2011-01-15 stephendenhamUse song URL for playback.
2011-01-14 stephendenhamVersion for new API.
2010-12-24 stephendenhamBig song listing performance improvement.
2010-12-22 stephendenhamImprove song icon retrieval performance.
2010-12-21 stephendenhamFix progress bar for songs retrieval.
2010-12-21 stephendenhamVersion number update.
2010-12-17 stephendenhamMore playlist functions.
2010-12-14 stephendenhamAdd Grooveshark playlist support.
2010-12-09 stephendenhamAdd similar artists function.
2010-12-02 stephendenhamFirst attempt at dharma version.