Fix missing `without-special-symbol-access' in `funcall-with-attribute-context'
[clinton/lisp-on-lines.git] / src / standard-descriptions /
2011-05-17 Clinton EbadiSupport `:activate ((DESC . SPECIAL-INITARGS))' in...
2011-02-22 Clinton EbadiPass &rest args onto next method in display t NULL
2010-08-30 Clinton Ebadimakunbound when +unbound-slot+ is passed to default...
2009-12-20 drewcFinal New Description patch!
2009-12-20 drewcInitial commit of new description code (warning: broken!)
2009-09-20 drewcNew implementation (load "new-description.lisp") of...
2009-06-09 drewctons of small changes to bring this up to date with...
2009-02-11 drewcminor updates to work with released ucw-core
2009-01-08 drewcAdd validation code.
2009-01-07 drewcMisc Cleanups.
2008-11-07 drewcremobe ROFL and add validation
2008-09-27 drewcAdd NULL description
2008-08-30 drewcAdded more ROFL changes
2008-08-28 drewcChanges from maxclaims branch (git).
2008-04-23 drewcAdded tutorial, added LABEL attribute to T description...
2008-04-23 drewcMoved description details out of display.
2008-04-21 drewcExpanded support for Configurable editing.
2008-04-04 drewcadded ROFL test cases + extra formatting hooks for...
2008-02-22 drewcAPI CHANGE: Removed the OBJECT arg from attribute-value
2008-01-25 drewcProperties are special now!
2008-01-19 drewcMade attribute class layered
2008-01-19 drewcsimplified slot access somewhat. layered slots still...
2008-01-11 drewcAdded standard descriptions and UCW integration.