fix all the definitions affected by defdisplay refactoring
[clinton/lisp-on-lines.git] / src / slot-presentations.lisp
2006-01-12 Drew Crampsieconditionalize lol2 many-to-many
2006-01-09 Drew Crampsieuse submit instead of button in many-to-many
2005-12-30 Drew CrampsieAdded new display system
2005-12-19 Drew Crampsiefixed ordering in get-foreign-instances
2005-12-13 Drew Crampsiefixes, enhancements, and more update-to-latest-ucw...
2005-12-06 Drew CrampsieMassive patch to catch up to ucw_dev
2005-11-22 Drew CrampsieDrastic reworking of MEWA code using contextL. also...
2005-11-08 Drew Crampsieadded a nil check in new slot presentations
2005-11-08 Drew Crampsieadded a default option to wall-time presentation.
2005-11-08 Drew Crampsieadded a covert-newlines-p in the text slot presentation.
2005-11-03 Drew Crampsieslot presesntation enhancements
2005-10-29 Drew CrampsieAdd new in many to many should be a button if we can...
2005-10-29 Drew Crampsiesync instance when adding many to many ..
2005-10-29 Drew Crampsiefixed has-a slot presentations
2005-10-29 Drew Crampsieremoved errant paren
2005-10-29 Drew Crampsiefixed textarea to not show NIL
2005-10-28 Drew Crampsiefixed many-to-many
2005-10-27 Drew Crampsieadded a many-to-many slot type, and fixed the package...
2005-10-27 Drew CrampsieMoved mewa package into LoL package and removed mewa...