fixes, enhancements, and more update-to-latest-ucw stuff. minor, all of it.
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3This is a very early release, and there are more bugs then docs. HERE BE DRAGONS!
5Having said that, LOL has been used to deliver applications and is undergoing extensive development.
7Take a look at the doc/ directory to get started. The (poorly commented) code is your next stop.
8Adding docstrings would be a good idea.
9 or on freenode for support.. that we have plenty of.
12;; This software is Copyright (c) Drew Crampsie, 2004-2005.
13;; You are granted the rights to distribute
14;; and use this software as governed by the terms
15;; of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
16;; (,
17;; known as the LLGPL.