Set default in the config file for the various artists output
[clinton/abcde.git] / abcde.conf
2005-08-11 dataSet default in the config file for the various artists...
2005-08-11 dataAdded -f as the default option in FLACOPTIONS.
2005-08-10 dataAdded last pieces of code to solve the last bugs in...
2005-08-10 dataAdded post_read().
2005-08-07 dataabcde.1,abcde.conf:
2004-11-07 dataPreparing for 2.2 release
2004-10-03 dataabcde.conf
2004-08-20 datanormalize changed with normalize-audio
2004-08-13 dataabcde.conf, debian/changelog
2004-08-08 dataabcde.conf
2004-07-30 data* abcde.conf, abcde, abcde.1
2004-07-30 dataMany bug fixes went into this update:
2004-07-11 dataabcde.conf
2004-06-22 data2.2-pre check-in
2004-06-22 dataCheck-in after database failure