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[clinton/abcde.git] / TODO
c9c2ca27 1TODO:
8063c20f 3* flacdecode (to extract files from a -1 flac file)
9f659ada 5* Get the echo instances to behave consistently
c9c2ca27 7* move the wav files to a different dir if the user wants to keep the tracks
8* read the TOC and CDTEXT files and store them
81bc6204 9
c9c2ca27 10* read_and_encode_and_tag? :)
11* Customizable post-read/encode/tag hooks
12 (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=114851)
14* Separate local/dist tagging: if local encoding, the tags are added on the
15 encoding phase. If remote, the tracks need tagging.
16 And also add the possibility to add this information via oggenc directly
17 instead of explicitly invoking vorbiscomment.
19* Maybe repair files when they have the same name in the original CD?
20 (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=205634)
22* Separate the different output encodings, so a user can read and encode one
23 format and then encode another one, later, from the same wavs. Right now,
24 the same status line is used for all formats, so a re-encoding is rejected
25 since abcde sees the encoding already finished. Same with tags and moves.
27* Support UTF-8 tags
a2052a00 28
29* From slashdot: IMHO the most important aspect of an auto-ripper, is its
30 error-handling: what happens if a CD is too scratched to rip? How should it
31 react if someone tries to rip the exact same CD? make a new rip with another
32 name ? silently overwrite the old rip? etc.
34 Review the things that abcde does ;)
411ef0b0 35
36* When cdparanoia encounters a problem (disk full, data track) when abcde
37 is run in batch mode, abcde still continues, but batch mode is disabled.
38 I.e. instead of normalizing all tracks together, they are normalized
39 seperately, instead of running "lame --nogap" on all wavs, lame is
40 invoked once per wav.
42 Abcde should halt when a problem occurs, so it can be manually resolved.
411ef0b0 44* AAC support (faac should be free?)
46* I used abcde to rip a cd in batch normalizing mode to mp3 (mp2
47 actually) format with toolame. The first part went fine, until toolame
48 started. That resulted in an error. Here is the relevant part of the
49 logfile made by 'abcde -D 2>logfile':
51 -----
52 + TRACKFILES= track1.wav track2.wav track3.wav track4.wav
53 + nice -n 10 toolame --nogap track1.wav track2.wav track3.wav track4.wav
54 toolame: unrec option -
55 toolame: unrec option n
56 toolame: -p model must be 1 or 2, not track1.wav
57 + RETURN=1
58 + '[' 1 '!=' 0 ']'
59 + echo 'batch-encode: returned code 1'
60 -----
62 In my abcde.conf I have "BATCH=y". Setting this to "BATCH=n" solves
63 this. "BATCH=y" is responsible for inserting '--nogap'. I don't know
64 what that is supposed to be doing, but it is only meant for use with
65 lame, and I am using toolame as that is free software: "LAME=toolame"
66 in abcde.conf.
68 I see two possible solutions:
70 1. Check if LAME really is lame and not toolame or some other mp3
71 encoder. If so, then go ahead and insert '--nogap' in the generated
72 command. Else don't.
74 2. Don't tie the '--nogap' insertion to the setting of BATCH. Make a
75 new option NOGAP or something for that.
77 Other than that, abcde is a brilliant time saver. Thanks!
79 BTW, dpkg -l toolame:
80 ii toolame 02i-2 MPEG-1 layer 2 audio encoder