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c9c2ca27 1TODO:
9f659ada 3* Get the echo instances to behave consistently
c9c2ca27 5* move the wav files to a different dir if the user wants to keep the tracks
6* read the TOC and CDTEXT files and store them
7* read the complete CD to a single file, storing TOC seems a good idea to
8 recreate the index entries if we decide to burn the cd.
c9c2ca27 9
10* read_and_encode function that uses named pipes for further ripping/encoding
11 parallelization where possible
12* read_and_encode_and_tag? :)
13* Customizable post-read/encode/tag hooks
14 (
16* Separate local/dist tagging: if local encoding, the tags are added on the
17 encoding phase. If remote, the tracks need tagging.
18 And also add the possibility to add this information via oggenc directly
19 instead of explicitly invoking vorbiscomment.
21* Maybe repair files when they have the same name in the original CD?
22 (
24* Separate the different output encodings, so a user can read and encode one
25 format and then encode another one, later, from the same wavs. Right now,
26 the same status line is used for all formats, so a re-encoding is rejected
27 since abcde sees the encoding already finished. Same with tags and moves.
29* Support UTF-8 tags