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List all projects in 'hcoop/zz_old/service/'
Project Description Owner Last Change
hcoop/zz_old/service/courier-authdaemon.git Runit service for courier authdaemon. 14 years ago
hcoop/zz_old/service/courier-imap-ssl.git Runit service for courier SSL IMAP. 14 years ago
hcoop/zz_old/service/courier-imap.git Runit service for courier IMAP. 14 years ago
hcoop/zz_old/service/courier-pop-ssl.git Runit service for courier SSL POP3. 14 years ago
hcoop/zz_old/service/cron.git Runit service for cron. 14 years ago
hcoop/zz_old/service/dnscache.git Runit service for dnscache. 14 years ago
hcoop/zz_old/service/git-daemon.git Runit service for git-daemon. 14 years ago
hcoop/zz_old/service/nscd.git Runit service for nscd. 14 years ago