2017-02-11 Clinton Ebadinote issues with current rev in code master
2016-10-19 Clinton Ebadix-axis: move motor mount away from frame, shrink endsto...
2016-10-07 Clinton Ebadix-end idler: better positioning for idler screw, anti...
2016-10-07 Clinton Ebadix-end: reposition body strain relief
2016-10-07 Clinton Ebadix-end: rotate nut trap 45 degrees
2016-10-07 Clinton Ebadix-end: increase tolerance for rod holes
2016-10-02 Clinton Ebadiadapt x-ends to 10mm rods
2016-10-02 Clinton EbadiReposition lmNuu bearing holder slit
2016-02-16 Clinton Ebadishorten x endstop by 2mm 8mm
2016-02-16 Clinton EbadiImprove mounting hole pattern for x-end nut trap
2016-01-09 Clinton EbadiIntegrate Wilson II features into x-ends
2015-05-19 Martin Riceupdates to yends, use with y-tensioner origin/HEAD origin/master
2015-05-19 Martin Riceadding y-table and y-tensioner, which replace y bearing...
2015-05-11 Martin Riceupdated marlin configuration.h to latest
2015-05-02 Martin Riceadded mdf illustration for the Stretch model
2015-04-28 Martin Riceadded fan duct for ed3-lite6 hotend
2015-04-12 Martin Riceupdate direct drive skethcup model and xcarriage stl...
2015-02-04 Martin Riceminiscule tweak to x end rod slots, added some new...
2015-01-25 Martin RiceUpdated extruder to 2-spring ver, added 0.5mm more...
2015-01-10 Martin Riceupdate sketchup model
2015-01-07 Martin Riceadded strain relief part by AndrewBCN
2015-01-04 Martin Riceupdated docs with new images for updated parts
2015-01-04 Martin Ricetweaked direct drive extruder
2015-01-04 Martin Riceadded direct drive extruder sketchup model
2015-01-03 Martin Riceadded strain relief to z endstop holder
2015-01-03 Martin Riceadded strain relief to z endstop
2015-01-02 Martin Riceextruder note
2015-01-02 Martin RiceReorganized and moved lesser common parts into stl...
2015-01-01 Martin Ricesync'd up spreedsheet and TS build bom (txt) and added...
2014-10-19 Martin Ricerevised Z motor holders with tie-down holes
2014-10-16 Martin Riceadded images of mdf bearing locations for reg & stretch...
2014-10-15 Martin Riceadded direct drive extruder body
2014-10-11 Martin Ricesome scad updates, minor
2014-10-11 Martin Riceremoved old ramps mount, fixed new ramps mount mesh
2014-10-08 Martin Riceadded models for Y ends that use 10mm smooth rods inste...
2014-10-08 Martin Riceupdated extruder sketchup models and some minor tweaks
2014-10-03 Martin Riceadded pushfit beaing holders for y axis, in both origin...
2014-09-28 Martin Riceadded clamp style extruder bodies
2014-09-07 Martin Riceadded new pushfit x-carriage model (no zip ties, prints...
2014-08-31 Martin Ricenew brackets for full graphics controller
2014-08-09 Martin Riceadded image of assembled x belt tensioner
2014-08-03 Martin Ricenumerous tiny fit adjustments, and added my marlin...
2014-07-28 Martin RiceUpdates for better fit
2014-07-10 Martin Riceadded sketchup model of complete TS
2014-07-08 Martin Ricebetter printability on bearing holder and x carrage
2014-07-07 Martin Riceadded tensioners for x and y, a few other refinements
2014-06-22 Martin Ricesome additions to bom, some other sync updates minor...
2014-06-21 Martin Ricereadme explains the most recent stl changes
2014-06-21 Martin Riceupdate Y ends, Y belt holder with new tensioner, and...
2014-06-15 Martin Riceupdate Z motors
2014-06-14 Martin Riceupdate part photos and added pdf of TS parts
2014-06-14 Martin Riceupdated bom with some additional information
2014-06-09 Martin Riceupdate to filament holder
2014-06-07 Martin Riceadded new svelt ramps frame mount
2014-05-28 Martin Riceupdate extruder files
2014-04-29 Martin Riceadded MCAD for gears; updated bom with fixes; removed...
2014-04-26 Martin Ricenew three-bearing X carriage
2014-04-14 Martin Riceadded motor and idler sketchup model
2014-04-12 Martin Ricemoved larger rear bracket to stl/ts
2014-04-12 Martin Riceput back rear frame bracket for RS, the TS version...
2014-04-12 Martin Riceformatting
2014-04-12 Martin Ricemoved wilson-bom.txt to -rs and added another for ts
2014-04-08 Martin Riceadded some detail photos of extruder body
2014-04-07 Martin Ricesome new images
2014-04-06 Martin Riceupdated readme to reflect extruder changes
2014-04-06 Martin Riceupdated readme to reflect extruder changes
2014-04-06 Martin Riceremoved old extruder body and gears
2014-04-06 Martin Ricenew extruder body and herringbone gears
2014-03-27 Martin Ricereplaced original rear bracket with the TS version...
2014-03-26 Martin Riceadded missing rp parts to bom
2014-03-18 Martin Riceupdate bom with updated rod lengths
2014-03-18 Martin Riceupdate TS models, minor changes for fit
2014-03-16 Martin Riceadded more part visuals
2014-03-14 Martin Riceslight material reduction on zmotors, improved endstop...
2014-03-10 Martin Riceupdated bom
2014-03-05 Martin Riceadded y belt holder for TS
2014-03-04 Martin Riceminor adj to y end idler slot and slight enlargement...
2014-03-04 Martin Ricets support in bom spreedsheet, few other additions
2014-03-03 Martin Ricebetter 624 belt guide version
2014-03-03 Martin Riceminor adj to yend slots
2014-03-03 Martin Riceadded svelt rear bracket option for TS
2014-03-02 Martin Ricebrace
2014-03-02 Martin Ricesome new images, added ts frame brace scad
2014-03-02 Martin Ricegood beaing holder
2014-03-02 Martin Riceadding sgraber frame brace, update bearing holder
2014-03-02 Martin Riceminor adj to y ends
2014-03-02 Martin Ricecleanup
2014-03-02 Martin Riceupdate z mounts, better z axis range
2014-03-02 Martin Ricemoving rs y ends to stl/rs
2014-03-02 Martin Riceadding TS y ends
2014-02-27 Martin Ricefixed dimension error on previous version
2014-02-26 Martin Riceramps mount moved 4mm away from x motor
2014-02-26 Martin Ricez rod inserts widened .15mm, were too tight
2014-02-26 Martin Riceupdate ramps holder, y end idler scad fix
2014-02-26 Martin Riceupgraded Y braces for strength, M5x10mm for same
2014-02-24 Martin Riceconcept
2014-02-24 Martin Riceadded conceptual no-m10 image
2014-02-23 Martin Ricemore images
2014-02-22 Martin Ricenew RP part images, updated 624 guide
2014-02-22 Martin Riceadd default bom in plaintext