2008-06-27 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: On second thought, put -e back on bash...
2008-06-27 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Clean up messages, remove -e on bash...
2008-06-27 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Put temp output in hcoop-backup, not...
2008-06-27 mwolson_admins3: Display additional messages, sleep before retrying.
2008-06-25 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Try to make xargs die if an error occurred.
2008-06-25 mwolson_admins3: Try 3 times on a file before giving up.
2008-06-25 mwolson_admins3: Parameterize curl command.
2008-06-25 mwolson_admins3.common: Get rid of third argument to move_over.
2008-06-25 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Keep track of date.
2008-06-25 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Take file from stdin and split it.
2008-06-25 mwolson_adminMore backup script revamp.
2008-06-25 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Fix typo in comment.
2008-06-25 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: More work.
2008-06-25 mwolson_admins3: Fix typos.
2008-06-25 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Implement copy_over.
2008-06-25 mwolson_admins3: Implement bandwidth limit.
2008-06-25 mwolson_admins3: Make location of hmac script a constant.
2008-06-23 mwolson_adminRampantly initial checkin of progress on backup scripts.
2008-06-23 mwolson_adminInitial version of other 3rd-party s3 bash script.
2008-06-23 mwolson_adminRemove s3-bash scripts, because they don't have ls.
2008-06-22 mwolson_admins3-put: Implement bandwidth limit via -b argument.
2008-06-22 mwolson_adminInitial check-in of Amazon S3 helper scripts.
2008-06-22 mwolson_adminhcoop-git-maint: Fix URL.
2008-06-22 mwolson_adminhcoop-git-maint: New script to do periodic git maintenance.
2008-06-05 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Only keep 2 backup runs lying around.
2008-05-27 mwolson_adminlistnew: Fix typo.
2008-05-14 mwolson_adminca-sign: Add instructions for generating CA key and...
2008-05-14 rootca-sign: Mention in header that this needs to be run...
2008-05-06 mwolson_adminMake sure that listnew is run as root.
2008-04-07 mwolson_adminca-sign: Various improvements.
2008-04-01 mwolson_adminca-sign: Verify cert request before acting on it.
2008-04-01 mwolson_adminca-install: Mention that validation is done.
2008-04-01 mwolson_adminca-sign: Add usage statement and more thorough param...
2008-04-01 mwolson_adminca-install: Add verification of cert and overhaul
2008-03-31 mwolson_adminhcoop-clean-tmp: New script to clean /tmp.
2008-03-31 mwolson_adminmake-account-for-fyodor-user: Professionalize
2008-03-31 mwolson_admincreate-user: Move vos release common.databases later
2008-03-31 mwolson_adminchange-user-password: Disable debug output
2008-03-13 mwolson_adminMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-03-13 mwolson_adminapache-sync-logs: Use sudo rather than su to protect...
2008-03-13 mwolson_adminapache-sync-logs: Don't email admins if user removes...
2008-02-17 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Make deletion of old backups work.
2008-02-15 mwolson_admincreate-user: Mention instead of wiki2...
2008-02-15 mwolson_admindestroy-user: Handle missing param, fix /old/ removal
2008-02-12 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Delete backups older than 10 days.
2008-02-12 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Ignore another annoying file
2008-02-09 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Throttle at 2.6Mbps.
2008-02-09 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Tidy up some UUOC.
2008-02-03 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Fix deletion to only cover old directorie...
2008-02-02 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Overhaul for bandwidth limiting.
2008-01-28 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Back up spamd directory specially.
2008-01-27 mwolson_adminTry not backing up spamd data, in case that pushes...
2008-01-27 mwolson_adminKeep two days of backups (change by megacz)
2008-01-15 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Deal with /usr/bin/*.notslocate files.
2008-01-14 mwolson_adminSync hcoop-backup changes from megacz
2007-12-27 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Sync changes from megacz, add IFS lines
2007-12-18 mwolson_adminapache-sync-logs: Skip people who have unreadable log...
2007-12-18 mwolson_adminapache-sync-logs: Skip people who do not have keytabs
2007-12-12 mwolson_admincreate-user: Make .domtool symlink with correct ownership
2007-12-12 mwolson_adminnew-user: Expand ~$USERNM correctly
2007-12-12 mwolson_adminnew-user: chown the .forward file after creating it.
2007-12-12 mwolson_adminSync new-user fix from common area
2007-12-09 mwolson_admincreate-user: Own .domtool symlink, and own Maildir...
2007-12-09 mwolson_admincreate-user: Send nice introductory email, remove comme...
2007-12-08 mwolson_adminlistnew: Check arguments, handle new list_url argument...
2007-12-08 mwolson_adminmailman-update-exim-db: Allow extras file and permit...
2007-12-04 mwolson_adminWhen making a new list, set web interface to be https...
2007-12-03 mwolson_adminImplement adding and removing of members from mailing...
2007-12-03 mwolson_adminAdd docelic's new-user script
2007-11-29 mwolson_adminUpdate mailman defs right away in listnew
2007-11-29 mwolson_adminAdd listnew script
2007-11-20 mwolson_adminca-sign: Tell clients using our CA cert to update CRL...
2007-11-19 mwolson_adminapache-sync-logs: Skip empty source directories
2007-11-18 mwolson_adminNo need to back up .rand files in /usr/lib/courier/
2007-11-18 mwolson_adminca-install, ca-sign: New scripts to sign and install...
2007-11-15 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: deal with perldoc.stub
2007-11-15 mwolson_adminmailman-update-exim-db: Fix typo, mention that it has...
2007-11-14 mwolson_adminmailman-update-exim-db: New script that builds a Mailma...
2007-11-14 mwolson_adminMake bin directory for user-executable stuff
2007-11-14 mwolson_adminrun-in-pagsh: Figure out what user we're running as
2007-11-13 mwolson_adminrun-in-pagsh improvements
2007-11-05 mwolson_adminFix gitweb stuff: needed sudo in front
2007-11-05 mwolson_admincvsimport
2007-10-29 megaczrevert commands that are choking
2007-10-29 bigmike160run-in-pagsh: Use $HOME rather than "~" so that paths...
2007-10-29 mwolson_adminrun-in-pagsh: Use $HOME rather than "~" so that paths...
2007-10-28 bigmike160apache-sync-logs: Really fix permissions issues this...
2007-10-28 mwolson_adminapache-sync-logs: Really fix permissions issues this...
2007-10-28 bigmike160run-in-pagsh: Add /usr/bin/ prefix for consistency
2007-10-28 mwolson_adminrun-in-pagsh: Add /usr/bin/ prefix for consistency
2007-10-28 bigmike160run-in-pagsh: misc improvements
2007-10-28 mwolson_adminrun-in-pagsh: misc improvements
2007-10-28 bigmike160run-in-pagsh: New script to run something in a PAG
2007-10-28 mwolson_adminMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2007-10-28 mwolson_adminrun-in-pagsh: New script to run something in a PAG
2007-10-28 bigmike160create-user: Add symlink for gitweb hosting
2007-10-28 mwolson_admincreate-user: Add symlink for gitweb hosting
2007-10-28 bigmike160apache-sync-logs: Work around strangeness with nocelic...
2007-10-28 mwolson_adminMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2007-10-28 mwolson_adminapache-sync-logs: Work around strangeness with nocelic...