You need domtool-admin rights to destroy a user
[clinton/scripts.git] / destroy-user
2011-02-26 Clinton EbadiYou need domtool-admin rights to destroy a user
2011-02-21 Clinton EbadiCreate user volumes on fritz instead of deleuze
2011-02-21 Clinton EbadiCreate database tablespace stubs on fritz
2008-10-16 mwolson_adminMisc create-user fixes from docelic.
2008-08-28 mwolson_adminUpdate of member freeze logic from docelic.
2008-03-13 mwolson_adminMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-02-15 mwolson_admindestroy-user: Handle missing param, fix /old/ removal
2007-12-03 mwolson_adminImplement adding and removing of members from mailing...
2007-10-08 bigmike160destroy-user: Add call to domtool-rmuser
2007-09-23 bigmike160delete-user: take care of /daemon stuff
2007-04-29 megaczcvs sucks even more