create-user: Remove uidNumber and homeDirectory fields
[clinton/scripts.git] / create-user
2007-05-07 bigmike160create-user: Remove uidNumber and homeDirectory fields
2007-05-07 bigmike160Add uidNumber to LDAP entries
2007-05-04 megaczadd additional precondition for running create-user
2007-05-04 megaczdo a fs checkvol on mire too
2007-05-04 megaczcreate ~/.procmail.d/ with system:anyuser=rl
2007-05-04 megaczcreate-user: rsync cgi-keytabs to mire, create ~/public...
2007-05-01 megaczuse "fs ls" as test in create-user, improve kadmin...
2007-05-01 megaczadd error detection to cpw in create-user
2007-05-01 megaczmake create-user idempotent
2007-04-29 megaczcvs sucks even more