hcoop-backup: Deal with /usr/bin/*.notslocate files.
[clinton/scripts.git] / hcoop-backup
2008-01-15 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Deal with /usr/bin/*.notslocate files.
2008-01-14 mwolson_adminSync hcoop-backup changes from megacz
2007-12-27 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Sync changes from megacz, add IFS lines
2007-11-18 mwolson_adminNo need to back up .rand files in /usr/lib/courier/
2007-11-15 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: deal with perldoc.stub
2007-10-23 bigmike160hcoop-backup: Backup ikiwiki plugins, ignore /usr/lib...
2007-10-23 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Backup ikiwiki plugins, ignore /usr/lib...
2007-10-13 bigmike160hcoop-backup: Take care of some files that don't need...
2007-10-13 mwolson_adminhcoop-backup: Take care of some files that don't need...
2007-10-09 megaczcatsync support
2007-08-29 bigmike160scripts/hcoop-backup: Update to latest version
2007-06-24 megaczadded backup script