2013-07-23 Daniel HartwigRevert "update upstream sources" master
2013-07-23 Daniel HartwigRevert "update for begin-mode -> primitive-type"
2013-07-22 Daniel Hartwigfix typo
2013-07-19 Daniel Hartwiggl: minimal interface to texture objects
2013-07-18 Daniel Hartwigupdate for begin-mode -> primitive-type
2013-07-18 Daniel Hartwigupdate upstream sources
2013-07-18 Daniel Hartwigtypo in gl.texi
2013-07-18 Daniel Hartwigwith- helpers return values from their body
2013-07-18 Daniel Hartwigcheck usage of the term 'OpenGL'
2013-07-18 Daniel Hartwigtypos and minor changes to docs
2013-05-05 Daniel Hartwigadd remaining non-trivial copyright notices
2013-04-13 Daniel Hartwigremove primitive glut demo
2013-04-13 Daniel Hartwigadd copyright notices to docs
2013-04-13 Daniel Hartwigadd copyright notices to non-trivial files
2013-02-15 Andy Wingoadd particle system example using vertex buffer objects wip-particles
2013-02-15 Andy WingoMerge branch 'master' into wip-particles
2013-02-15 Andy Wingobind buffer objects
2013-02-15 Andy Wingoclient array example uses vertex array instead of quad...
2013-02-15 Andy WingoMerge branch 'master' into wip-particles
2013-02-15 Andy Wingoadd support for client-state vertex arrays
2013-02-15 Andy Wingoadd particle-system variant using client-state arrays
2013-02-15 Andy Wingoexport packed-struct-size
2013-02-15 Andy Wingoadd support for client-state vertex arrays
2013-02-15 Andy Wingoreimplement particle-system using packed structs
2013-02-15 Andy Wingoadd (figl contrib packed-struct)
2013-02-15 Daniel Hartwigmove around "general" in section title for neater forma...
2013-02-15 Daniel Hartwigfix typo in previous commit
2013-02-15 Daniel Hartwigdraft naming conventions
2013-02-15 Daniel Hartwiggl: rename texture-coordinate to texture-coordinates
2013-02-15 Daniel Hartwigupdate TODO
2013-02-14 Daniel Hartwigadd packed structures to TODO
2013-02-13 Andy Wingoadd simple particle system example
2013-02-13 Andy Wingo#f is a null pointer for glut callbacks
2013-02-13 Daniel Hartwigexpand TODO
2013-02-12 Andy Wingoadd TODO
2013-02-12 Andy Wingobeginnings of glut documentation
2013-02-12 Andy Wingofix export typo for glut
2013-02-12 Andy Wingohigh-level glu documentation
2013-02-12 Andy Wingoadd high-level GL docs
2013-02-12 Andy Wingoremove gl-push-matrix and gl-pop-matrix
2013-02-12 Andy Wingomore high-level gl bindings
2013-02-12 Andy Wingoadd (figl glu)
2013-02-12 Daniel Hartwigglut: rename sub-window?
2013-02-12 Daniel Hartwigglut: clean up window state getters
2013-02-12 Daniel Hartwigglut: actually manage subwindows
2013-02-12 Daniel Hartwigpass pairs to set-initial-window-{position,size}
2013-02-11 Andy Wingoadd null-program example
2013-02-11 Andy Wingofix callback pointer wrapping in glut
2013-02-11 Andy Wingoautomatic glut initialization
2013-02-11 Andy Wingoadd high-level interfaces to glut callback registration...
2013-02-11 Andy Wingoupdate gitignore
2013-02-11 Andy Wingouse ptrdiff_t if available, otherwise keep compat with...
2013-02-11 Daniel Hartwigmap GLboolean to Scheme boolean
2013-02-11 Daniel Hartwigadd glut callback-pointer types
2013-02-11 Daniel Hartwigadd high-level glut bindings for init., windows
2013-02-11 Daniel Hartwigadd high-level gl bindings for fragment and framebuffer...
2013-02-11 Daniel Hartwigremove low-level gl-begin/end from high-level bindings
2013-02-11 Daniel Hartwigrename modifier-key-state to modifiers
2013-02-11 Daniel Hartwiguse pairs in renaming re-exports
2013-02-10 Daniel Hartwigadd note about re-export bug
2013-02-10 Daniel Hartwigadd transformation bindings
2013-02-10 Daniel Hartwigadd bindings for begin/end and vertex specification
2013-02-10 Daniel Hartwiguse ptrdiff_t, not guesswork
2013-02-10 Daniel Hartwigarray parameters also accept pointers
2013-02-10 Daniel Hartwigrestore type hack for glGetString.xml typo
2013-02-10 Daniel Hartwigrename some glut enums
2013-02-09 Andy Wingoupdate low-level docs
2013-02-09 Daniel Hartwigtypo in update-enumerations
2013-02-09 Daniel Hartwiginclude all low-level bindings
2013-02-09 Daniel Hartwigadd remaining glut enumerations
2013-02-09 Daniel HartwigPartially revert "typo fixes in parse.scm"
2013-02-08 Andy Wingotypo fixes in parse.scm
2013-02-08 Daniel Hartwigdebump version
2013-02-08 Daniel Hartwigcreate stub of glut enums
2013-02-08 Daniel Hartwiguse type maps in update-enumerations
2013-02-08 Daniel Hartwigadd type map parser
2013-02-08 Daniel Hartwigadd module contrib with some helpers
2013-02-08 Daniel Hartwigremove top low-level.scm from tree
2013-02-07 Andy Wingogenerate glx enums
2013-02-07 Andy Wingoexamples use enums module
2013-02-07 Andy Wingodocs for enumerated values
2013-02-07 Andy Wingoadd enumerated values module
2013-02-07 Andy Wingoupdate spec files from upstream
2013-02-07 Andy Wingopatch enum.spec for syntactic validity
2013-02-05 Andy Wingoadd spec files from upstream
2013-02-05 Andy Wingorename upstream-man-pages to upstream-doc
2013-02-05 Andy Wingoinclude more low-level bindings
2013-02-05 Andy Wingoa #f array is the null pointer
2013-02-05 Andy Wingoadd glut demo
2013-02-05 Andy Wingodocumentation work
2013-02-05 Andy Wingoupdate loader comment
2013-02-05 Andy Wingofix the resolver mess, and add glut to the build
2013-02-04 Andy Wingoadd comment about how loaders should work
2013-02-04 Daniel Hartwiginitial glut bindings
2013-02-03 Andy Wingodocumentation work
2013-02-03 Andy Wingobeginnings of high-level modules
2013-02-02 Andy Wingobetter handling of array arguments, strings
2013-02-02 Andy Wingotype-specific wrapping and unwrapping of scheme values
2013-02-02 Andy Wingodefine-foreign-procedure makes one def.; add define...
2013-02-01 Andy Wingosimplify gl type name creation