VS2017 project updates
[clinton/Virtual-Jaguar-Rx.git] / Win-VS2017 / virtualjaguar.vcxproj
2018-10-07 Jean-Paul MariVS2017 project updates
2018-09-25 Jean-Paul MariAdded a source code files list viewer
2018-09-17 Jean-Paul MariAdded screenshot feature
2018-09-16 Jean-Paul MariAdded LEB128 decoding functions
2018-09-05 Jean-Paul MariAdded a Jaguar model and BIOS configuration tab
2018-09-03 Jean-Paul MariUI modifications and crash fix
2018-08-30 Jean-Paul MariBreakpoint will happen in case of writing at unknown...
2018-08-27 Jean-Paul MariCosmetic changes on UI and icons.
2018-08-14 Jean-Paul MariLocal browser window displays variables values from...
2018-08-06 Jean-Paul MariLocal browser window displays register name used for...
2018-08-05 Jean-Paul MariMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/djipi/Virtu...
2018-08-05 Jean-Paul MariDebugger mode shares the same alpine rom path setting
2017-11-13 Jean-Paul MariVisual Studio 2017 support