Added multiple breakpoints feature and their key bindings
[clinton/Virtual-Jaguar-Rx.git] / src / gui / mainwin.cpp
2018-10-23 Jean-Paul MariAdded multiple breakpoints feature and their key bindings
2018-10-12 Jean-Paul MariAdded search paths in case of missing DWARF directories...
2018-10-08 Jean-Paul MariFixed a crash legacy issue when emulator launches in...
2018-10-07 Jean-Paul MariMinor cosmetic and comments modifications
2018-09-25 Jean-Paul MariAdded a source code files list viewer
2018-09-17 Jean-Paul MariAdded screenshot feature
2018-09-08 Jean-Paul MariJaguar model and BIOS configuration integration
2018-09-03 Jean-Paul MariUI modifications and crash fix
2018-08-30 Jean-Paul MariBreakpoint will happen in case of writing at unknown...
2018-08-27 Jean-Paul MariCosmetic changes on UI and icons.
2018-08-20 Jean-Paul MariROM cartridge writing detection
2017-12-04 Jean-Paul MariThe zoom value setting has been fixed in the registry
2017-11-08 Jean-Paul MariAdded a Local browser window for local variables
2017-10-09 Jean-Paul MariFixed a crash, in Release mode, when the HW labels...
2017-09-13 Jean-Paul Mari* Added a Keybindings dialog tabs.
2017-09-10 Jean-Paul MariRename GPLv3 document as LICENSE, to fit better the...
2017-09-07 Jean-Paul MariFixes mostly to prevent compilation errors in Linux
2017-09-06 Jean-Paul MariFirst commit