Added a cartdridge view menu
[clinton/Virtual-Jaguar-Rx.git] / docs / vj_HistoryNotes.txt
1Release 4 (TBD)
3Git commit: TBD
50) The zoom value setting has been fixed in the registry
61) Debugger mode now shares the same alpine rom path setting
72) Local variables window displays register name now
83) Switch to Zlib 1.2.11 static library 64bits for VS 2017
94) Switch to SDL 1.2.15 static library 64bits for VS 2017
105) Local variables window displays values from function's parameters
116) Fixed the typedef's name display in Local and Watch variables window
127) Breakpoint may now occur in case of a ROM cartridge writing
13-- ROM cartridge writing detection follow the alpine "allow writes to cartridge rom"'s flag check
14-- Alert box will display a message with possibility to pass or not the breakpoint only if this is related to a 8 or 16 bits ROM access
158) Local variables window detects now if a variable is used or not by the code
169) The address provided in the debugger memory windows is now verified to prevent crash
17-- Wrong address will be displayed in red
1810) UI changes
19-- Added new icons for the exit and status features
20-- Modified icons for the SP (Stack) browser
21-- Unified icons sizes depend on their usage (drop down menu and main menu)
22-- Underline the active M68K line in the disassembly window
23-- Allow the up/down navigation on the SP (Stack) browser
24-- Restart function cleans-up the SP (Stack) browser and the heap allocator system
25-- Fixed the up navigation on the memory window
2611) Added some log information for the emulator initialisations
2712) Breakpoint will happen in case of writing at unknown memory location
28-- Alert box will display a message and then the code will stop
2913) Added the DRAM size in the emulator status window
3014) Debugger sources code clean-up
3115) Added a call stack feature
3216) Follow platform requirement to prevent source file reading issue
3317) UI modifications
34-- Modified icon for the memory window to make a distinction with the memory browser
35-- The all watch, and Exception Vector Table windows, can be closed using keyboard
36-- Renamed the debugger dedicated icons to make a distinction
37-- Added the call stack window
3818) Fixed a crash in the all watch window after loading a new binary without ELF/DWARF information
39-- Previously used ELF/DWARF information was still accessible
4019) Fixed slash/backslash issue, in the Alpine tab, to follow platform requirement
4120) Heap allocation window uses the DRAM size limit option and detect if heap allocation shares space with SP (Stack)
4221) Added a Jaguar model and BIOS configuration tab
4322) Jaguar model and BIOS configuration integration
4423) Added LEB128 decoding functions
45-- It is used for the DWARF decoding information
4624) Debugger support improvement
47-- DWARF support for the enum type (partial), structure and subroutine type
48-- Debugger can report variable's unsigned char value
4925) UI modifications
50-- Added a status bar, better status report & information display for the heap allocation window
51-- Added a status bar, better status report & information display for the local variables window
52-- Added better information display for the exception vectors table window, and added some missing vectors
53-- Added a status bar, better status report & information display for the call stack window
54-- Added a status bar, better status report & information display for the all watches window
5526) Added screenshot feature
56-- Not accessible in debugger mode
57-- Added screenshot editable path in the general tab, and a key binding
5827) Minor misspellings fixes
5928) DWARF source code directory path clean-up
6029) Added a source code files list viewer
61-- List comes from the DWARF information
6230) Check potential variables missing/incomplete description found in the DWARF information
63-- No crash involved but can help to reduce such as variables duplicate or the blank ones
6431) Added a sorting filter in the all watches window
6532) Improve source code file reading to avoid additional text/bytes reading
6633) Help & content texts updates
6734) Fixed a crash legacy issue when emulator launches in Alpine mode without a valid rom
6835) Added the support for the used lines source's DWARF structure
69-- Mostly used to handle missing subprogram's lines information, and missing CU's low/high PC
7036) Added the Rx version's contact in the help text
7137) Added search paths in case of missing DWARF directories information
72-- Used to look for the file(s)
7338) Setup CU's low/high PC in case of the DWARF structures doesn't have it
74-- Used mostly to allow display the source assembled with vasm
7539) Added function name support from ELF structure
7640) Added the return address information in the call stack
7741) Added multiple breakpoints feature and their key bindings
78-- For functions only
7942) Added timer initialisation for the SDL setup
8043) Added a cartdridge view menu
81-- Added a window to display my own directory and his files list
83Release 3 (13th November 2017)
85Git commit: b1b673a3b0d19e3c2c45b6590b773b11e45bced7
870) Fixed the windows respawning in the next emulator launch within --alpine or --debugger options
881) Added an Exception Vector Table window
892) Modified the About window to update the credits list in a more appropriate way
90-- Updated the emulator application credits line
913) Added 'Rx' word to the emulator name
924) Fixed a crash when reading the DWARF information in the case of the DWARF2 format has not been used
935) Added ui, alpine and debugger groups in the settings
946) Added the possibility to erase settings
957) Added the --es-all, --es-ui, --es-alpine and --es-debugger options to erase specific settings
968) Added a key bindings tab and adapted the configuration dialog tabs
97-- User can modify the key bindings where appropriate
98-- Key bindings UI is displayed based on the option used (--debugger, -- alpine)
999) Fixed a crash, in Release mode, when the HW labels setting is turn on
10010) Solved an interference between the HW labels setting and the one used by the debugger
101-- The setting is now only the reference used
10211) Fixed the SP (Stack) browser UI potential missing data
10312) Create a directory for EEPROMs (based on the EEPROMs setting) if it doesn't already exist
10413) Keep the scrollbar position in accordance of the M68K PC pointer
105-- UI displays the source without the need to move down/up the scrollbar
10614) Fixed a crash when DWARF information report a source line number exceeding the number of lines present in a source file
107-- This may come from the linker vlink
10815) Improved the .heap section detection to avoid a detection error
109-- Depend vlink version, .heap section may have an Alloc flag
11016) Fixed a crash when DWARF information does references to missing source code files
11117) Added a local variables window
11218) Project has switched to Visual Studio 2017 and QT 5.9.1 library
114Release 2 (3rd September 2017)
1160) Added some error detections when reading the ELF executable file
1171) Added all hardware labels (based on the document scans from the Version 2.4 - June 7, 1995)
1182) "Step Over" code function for BSR/JSR functions
1193) Added the .debug_ranges detection to avoid a detection error
1204) DWARF support
121-- TAG: Compilation Unit, Subprogram, Variables, Types
122-- Line numbers, symbols, functions
1235) Added an All Watch window for non-local variables
1246) Added a heap allocator window based on my own memory allocation functions
1257) Added additional 4 memory windows with address input based on hexa, decimal or symbol name
1268) Windows refreshing executed only if windows is visible
1279) Added a restart function
128-- Restart only the 68000 program counter to his original set
12910) Modified the icons color backgound for the "Step In" and "Step Over" functions
13011) Updated the About window to update the credits list
13112) 64 bits Release executable
13213) Fixed (hacking) the display of the SP (Stack) browser
13314) Set the emulator in Halt mode when launched in alpine debug mode without a loaded rom
134-- Otherwise the 68000 program counter will have a 0 value and will execute the code at this address
13515) Added some information in the --help/-h/-? option
13616) --debugger option no longer force the log file
13717) Added a --dram-max option to extend the DRAM size to 8MB
13818) Added the "enter" key support when setting the BPM (Breapoint)
13919) Save the windows positions, size and visibilities (show or hide) status
140-- Such windows will automatically respawn in the next emulator launch
142Release 1 (12th February 2017)
1440) BPM (Breapoint) now stop at the designated address and no longer stop after executing the code
1451) Clean-up the tracing / no-tracing flags for better U.I understanding
1462) Added SP (Stack) browser
1473) User can change now the number of lines of disassembly displayed in the tracing window
1484) User can turn on/off the op-codes associated in the disassembly lines displayed in the M68K tracing window
1495) Added an emulator status window (GPU status, M68K debugger and tracking status)
1506) Added a GPU disassembly tracing window - Display the current PC pointer
1517) Added a DSP disassembly tracing window - Display the current PC pointer
1528) Added possibility to change refresh rate of browsers when emulation is launched
1539) Display partial hardware labels (Internal Memory and Graphics sub-system address space) in the disassembly lines displayed in the M68K tracing window
154-- Display first the hardware labels (based from the Jag V8 dev. PDF) and then the ones possibly found in the ELF debug symbol
15510) Minor U.I cosmetic changes
15611) User can turn on/off the hardware labels associated in the disassembly lines displayed in the M68K tracing window
157-- It doesn't apply to the hardware labels possibly found in the ELF debug symbol
159Release 0 (5th January 2017)
1610) New option --debugger
1621) ELF format support
1632) ELF debug symbol support
1643) "Step Into" code function
1654) Menus layout dedicated to the debugger
1665) Added a dedicated main window for tracing (M68K)
1676) Added a Debugger tab in the config tab
1687) Visual Studio 2015 project support
1698) libelf-0.8.13 library support
1709) 64 bits debug executable only
173Known issues
1751) Video output is not displayed due to my OpenGL / QT5 5.5.1 integration with VS 2015 but solved when using the QT 5.9.1 package for VS 2017
1762) The BPM (Breapoint) remains stuck on his address when user wants to continue the code execution
177-- Need to trace over the BPM or unset the BPM
178-- The issue can be prevented if the code doesn't set IRQ, otherwise the IRQ will need to be traced to get back control
1793) DWARF 2 support
180-- With GCC: the code must be compiled with the -gdwarf-2 option
1814) The Local and Watch variables window may display not available type information or empty information
182-- Such missing information may be included in future release
183-- The 'const' type may not be reported correctly in the DWARF information
1845) The 2MB mirroring is no longer applied in case of --dram-max option usage
1856) Stack must reflect the --dram-max option usage otherwise the stack may be corrupted
186-- The application needs to set the SP (Stack) in accordance
1877) The Exception Vector Table window displays only 65 vectors
188-- Missing vectors may be added in future release
1898) User needs to manualy check if the Atari Jaguar executable match his source code files
190-- Otherwise, source code and assembly may not match or leads to instabilities
1919) The emulator needs to be restarted in case of the following actions occur
192-- Key bindings changes
193-- BIOS selection changes and without new executable load
19410) In the case of a ROM cartridge writing, and with occuring breakpoint, the PC pointer will point at the next instruction and not at the instruction causing the breakpoint
19511) Emulator will crash in case of wrong address value provided in the memory browser
19612) The RAM access log is limited to the 2MB
19713) In various occasions, global variables may be duplicated or without name in the DWARF information
198-- It may come from the Vlink linker and/or GCC 7.1.0 or 8.2.0 compilation with -gdwarf-2 option
19914) Source code disply only assembled code from vasm with option -dwarf
20015) After a new breakpoint set, the breakpoint list window is not refreshed
201-- User must perform an operation, such code tracing, to see the breakpoints list update
20216) Some ASCII characters may be not displayed correctly
203-- It depend how the text is displayed, this is related to the QT/HTML encoding done when reading DWARF file
24470541 20417) Potential legacy crash when leaving emulator in pause mode for a long period of time
206Cosmetic / UX issues
2081) The SP (Stack) icon color backgound doesn't look similar with the other ones
2092) The SP (Stack) browser size always open at a forced size no matter if the size has been changed
2103) Not every features have associated key bindings
212Legacy issues/hints
2141) Emulator seems to have easter egg(s)
215-- The option --yarrr displays a single message and end the application
216-- Pressing F8, while in the main window, will create an extra message in the log file
2172) The --alpine option force the log file but it can be override if --no-log option is set after the --alpine option
219Project information
2211) Code based on the Shamus Hammons source code available via Gethub by the 12th September 2017 (2.1.3 Final)
2222) Visual Studio 2015/2017 project support for 64 bits
2233) libelf 0.8.13 library 64bits for VS 2015/2017
2244) libdwarf 1.41 library 64bits for VS 2015, cygwin64 and Msys2/MinGW64
2255) QT 5.5.1 library 64bits for VS 2015
2266) QT 5.9.1 library 64bits for VS 2017
2277) Zlib 1.2.8 library 64bits for VS 2015
2288) Zlib 1.2.11 library 64bits for VS 2017
2299) SDL 1.2.15 library 64bits for VS 2015/2017
23010) The original make files have been modified to follow the requirements and modifications
23111) The 'Rx' word has been added to the emulator name to make distinction with the official version
23212) The project is set at
23313) GPLv3 file document has been renamed as LICENSE, to fit better the GitHub requirements
234-- Text / License terms are the same
237Download statistics
239jaguar64eu : 15 downloads for the Release 0 on the 12th Feb, 2017
240jaguar64eu : 18 downloads for the Release 1 on the 21st May, 2017
241No downloads statistics available for the Release 2
242No downloads statistics available for the Release 3