2019-09-30 Clinton Ebadiacorn: medium acorn present
2019-09-30 Clinton Ebadiacorn: only render threads if thread_height is nonzero
2019-09-30 Clinton Ebadiacorn: make cap dome height parametric
2019-05-04 Clinton Ebadietc: trivial clip for holding the rear tray of a laserjet 6
2019-04-07 Clinton Ebadicreepy-hand: final version
2019-04-04 Clinton Ebadimisc uncomitted changes
2019-04-04 Clinton Ebadiarcade controller: 2d template for spinner controller
2019-04-04 Clinton Ebadiled-clip: an clip to mount strips of leds to surfaces
2019-04-04 Clinton Ebadietc: scads of random scad
2019-04-04 Clinton Ebadibutton-cell-holder: run wire slots all the way to bottom
2019-04-04 Clinton Ebadicreepy-hand: simple hack to split a creepy hand in two
2019-01-01 Clinton Ebadietc: simple toh press
2018-12-01 Clinton Ebadisimple cr2032 button cell and led holder
2018-12-01 Clinton Ebadietc: some simple canister i made a while ago
2017-12-05 Clinton Ebadietc: simple button/coin cell battery holder
2017-12-05 Clinton Ebadiacorn: hollow acorn out using a dome
2017-11-25 Clinton Ebadiarcade button bar
2017-11-11 Clinton Ebadiacorn: add option to control generated parts
2017-11-10 Clinton Ebadiacorn: v1.1
2017-10-07 Clinton Ebadiacorn: v1
2017-08-14 Clinton Ebadiacorn: v0
2017-06-16 Clinton Ebadishelving-foot: customizer default view direction
2017-05-31 Clinton Ebadia few trivial calibration models
2017-04-04 Clinton Ebadiarcade-panel: bevel lid, better positioning, dual hinges
2017-03-23 Clinton Ebadisimple foot for cheap storage rack
2017-03-16 Clinton Ebadiarcade-panel: degunk variable names
2017-03-16 Clinton Ebadiarcade-panel: more hinge stuff, misc fixes
2017-03-13 Clinton Ebadiarcade-panel: start on hinge, better panel layout
2017-03-12 Clinton Ebadiarcade-panel: less ugly initial mockup
2017-03-12 Clinton Ebadiarcade-panel: initial checkin, useless code
2017-03-11 Clinton Ebadipower supply: loosen power socket mount
2017-03-11 Clinton Ebadipower supply: increase dc cover depth
2016-09-20 Clinton EbadiPower supply cover customized for Mean Well SE-600
2016-09-18 Clinton EbadiItty Bitty Wilson II Mount
2016-09-18 Clinton EbadiBeef up itty wilson adapter, tighten holes
2016-08-16 Clinton Ebadicura: dual extrusion improvements
2016-08-14 Clinton Ebadicura: properly working dual extrusion plugin
2016-08-14 Clinton Ebadiimprovements to cura dual extrusion plugin
2016-08-14 Clinton Ebadiinitial import of upstream cura dual temp plugin
2016-01-31 Clinton EbadiImport power supply cover
2016-01-16 Clinton EbadiImproved tolerance and positioning
2016-01-08 Clinton EbadiMake itty bitty mount more compact
2015-10-05 Clinton EbadiWorking itty bitty dual extruder to Wilson mount
2015-08-29 Clinton EbadiMakerfarm to Wilson X-Carriage Adapter Take II
2015-08-29 Clinton EbadiAdapter from makerfarm x-carriage to wilson x-carriage
2015-08-23 Clinton EbadiCrest of Hyrule openscad hack
2015-08-23 Clinton EbadiInitial