Un-hard code some things
[bpt/mlt.git] / BUILDING
1 ===================
2 System requirements
3 ===================
5 Compiling the mlt tool requires a "working version" of SML/NJ. It's
6 best to use version 110.49 or later. Earlier versions have
7 incompatibilities, bugs, or both. You may have problems with any
8 version whatsoever, though, since this stuff uses some SML/NJ compiler
9 internals, and they may change often.
12 =============
13 Configuration
14 =============
16 Modify the parameters in settings.sml as appropriate for your system.
18 If it is possible for you to modify a file /etc/mlt.conf, then you
19 can edit this file to set various options related to locations of
20 important files on your file system. In particular, you may want to
21 set the 'compiler', 'lib', and 'sml' options (documented in the
22 manual) if you have SML/NJ installed somewhere besides /usr/local/sml
23 or the mlt src directory somewhere besides /usr/local/share/mlt/src.
24 If you can't modify /etc/mlt.conf, then you can change the first
25 variable definition in src/config.sml to a different path, or you can
26 leave it as is and provide all configuration in the local mlt.conf
27 file for each project.
29 You should also edit the paths in the simple install script in this
30 directory if you want to install system-wide binaries and scripts to
31 somewhere besides /usr/local/bin.
33 These changes may be made for you by a fancy configuration program in
34 a future release.
37 ========
38 Building
39 ========
41 All sources may be built by running the build script in this
42 directory. It does a clean re-build of all source files and stabilizes
43 all libraries produced. The build script is not appropriate for use
44 during development. Use the standard SML/NJ CM mechanisms if you are
45 changing the code and don't want to recompile everything each time.
47 [There is probably a better way to do this, but I haven't figured one
48 out yet.]