2015-05-12 Robin Templetonbetter load-path defaults wip
2015-05-12 Robin Templetonremove ".elc" from load-suffixes
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonmake_lisp_proc bug
2015-04-20 Robin Templetondisable GC_all_interior_pointers
2015-04-20 Robin Templetoncut debugger frames from backtraces
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonprint scheme objects unreadably
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonremove use of nested function in map_obarray
2015-04-20 Robin Templetondon't use function-equal in nadvice
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonguile feature
2015-04-20 Robin Templeton* configure.ac: Require Guile 2.2.
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonremove eval-when-compile and eval-and-compile
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonguile string conversion functions
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonavoid recursive `require' when loading semantic
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonalways load from source directory
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonautoloading eval-when forms
2015-04-20 Robin Templetondon't require grep in vc-git
2015-04-20 Robin Templetondefun/defmacro autoload generation
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonguile-elisp defsubst
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonscheme interaction mode
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonignore-errors ignores scheme exceptions
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonguile-elisp eval-when
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonremove inline bytecode
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonedebug specs for guile-elisp
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonmisc changes
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonuse guile-elisp macroexpansion
2015-04-20 Robin Templetoncompare symbol names with `equal'
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonremove `declare' macro
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonevaluation time changes
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonmake macro errors less verbose
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonread_menu_command fix
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonflet/labels support in macroexp
2015-04-20 Robin Templetondynwind fixes
2015-04-20 Robin TempletonFequal_including_properties fix
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonfix push/pop
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonrm not definition
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonrm commented code
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonsubrp fix
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonrm cl labels
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonbytecomp changes
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonrm lazy macro use
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonmake gnus-byte-compile a nop
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonrm early use of pcase
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonremove documentation-string reading hack
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonlisp_string printer
2015-04-20 Robin Templetondefine `inline' as a macro
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonupdate unidata-gen.el
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonmake Fprogn static
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonremove bytecode interpreter
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonshow entire backtrace in `debug'
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonupdate nadvice
2015-04-20 Robin Templeton* lisp/emacs-lisp/byte-run.el (defun): Set name after...
2015-04-20 Robin Templeton* src/profiler.c: Delete.
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonremove backtrace functions
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonremove ident string
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonguile-elisp bootstrap (lisp)
2015-04-20 BT Templetoncharset map entries are pointerless
2015-04-20 BT Templetonguile-elisp bootstrap part (C)
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonicc_lisp_handler fix
2015-04-20 Robin Templetonguile-elisp bootstrap (C)
2015-04-20 BT Templetonguile-elisp bootstrap (C)
2015-04-20 Robin TempletonFfboundp declaration
2015-04-19 BT Templetonguile-elisp bootstrap (C)
2015-04-19 Robin Templetondisable byte-compilation
2015-04-19 BT Templeton* src/lread.c (oblookup): Remove. All callers changed.
2015-04-19 BT Templetonuse vectors for symbol slots
2015-04-19 BT Templetonremove sigio blocking
2015-04-19 BT Templetonremove polling suppression
2015-04-19 BT Templetondelete_temp_file fix
2015-04-19 BT Templeton* src/eval.c (Fbind_symbol): New function.
2015-04-19 BT Templetonuse guile subrs
2015-04-19 BT Templetonuse #nil and #t
2015-04-19 BT Templetoncallable guile procs
2015-04-19 BT Templeton[SQUASH] symbol
2015-04-19 BT Templeton[SQUASH] rm symbol name
2015-04-19 BT Templetonplist module
2015-04-19 BT Templetonsymbol plist accessor
2015-04-19 BT Templeton* admin/coccinelle/symbol_accessors.cocci (symbol_plist...
2015-04-19 BT Templetonfunction split
2015-04-19 BT Templeton* admin/coccinelle/symbol_accessors.cocci: New file.
2015-04-19 BT Templetonuse guile obarrays
2015-04-19 BT Templetonmultiple values
2015-04-19 BT TempletonLisp completion functions
2015-04-19 Robin Templeton[TMP] enable load_prefer_newer
2015-04-19 BT Templetonuse scm_boot_guile
2015-04-19 BT Templetonfix lwlib makefile
2015-04-19 BT Templetoneval-scheme command
2015-04-19 Robin Templetonhandle guile exceptions
2015-04-18 BT Templetonprinting support for Guile objects
2015-04-18 BT Templetonadd Lisp_Other type
2015-04-18 BT Templetonuse libguile dynamic wind + c pseudo-closures
2015-04-18 Robin Templetonrm specpdl check in bytecode interpreter
2015-04-18 Robin Templetondynwind fixes
2015-04-18 Robin Templetondisable new catch/condition-case instructions
2015-04-18 BT Templetonuse dynwind_begin and dynwind_end
2015-04-18 BT Templetoncoccinelle scripts for dynwind
2015-04-18 BT Templetoncoccinelle skip comments
2015-04-18 BT Templetonuse dynwind_begin and dynwind_end
2015-04-18 BT Templetonsimplify cpp usage in wait_reading_process_output
2015-04-18 BT Templetonuse ptrdiff_t for specpdl counts
2015-04-18 BT Templetonremove redundant assignments