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last changeWed, 24 Sep 2014 11:51:05 +0000 (07:51 -0400)
2014-09-24 Robin Templetondisable automatic whole-file compilation wip
2014-09-24 Robin Templetoncut debugger frames from backtraces
2014-09-24 Robin Templetonbatch compilation changes
2014-09-23 Robin Templetonprint scheme objects unreadably
2014-09-23 Robin Templetonremove use of nested function in map_obarray
2014-09-23 Robin Templetondon't use function-equal in nadvice
2014-09-23 Robin Templetonguile feature
2014-09-23 Robin Templeton* Require Guile 2.2.
2014-09-23 Robin Templetonremove eval-when-compile and eval-and-compile
2014-09-23 Robin Templetonguile string conversion functions
2014-09-23 Robin Templetoncatch guile errors during startup
2014-09-23 Robin Templetonavoid recursive `require' when loading semantic
2014-09-23 Robin Templetonalways load from source directory
2014-09-23 Robin Templetonautoloading eval-when forms
2014-09-23 Robin Templetondisable byte-compilation
2014-09-23 Robin Templetondon't require grep in vc-git
4 months ago wip
17 months ago wip-bdw-gc